Mulesk is a simple, lightweight program that provides a configurable number of virtual desktops.

Mulesk was developed as a way of getting a simple, visual desktop pager for Windows. I couldn't find a free visual pager that wouldn't freeze my computer when an application was locked so I decided to try and write one myself.

This project started as a plug-in to VirtuaWin, but due to Win32 limitations(maybe just my knowledge of Win32) and how VirtuaWin hides some windows, I had to implement the virtual desktop support within Mulesk. If you want more features and can live without the visual desktop views, I would try VirtuaWin.

This project is developed in C++ using Dev-C++.

This is how I use Mulesk.

This is Mulesk with normal window borders. I personally only use the borders when resizing. To hide or show borders, just double click on Mulesk with the right mouse button.